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360 Roll-Quadrocopter UFO

360 Roll-Quadrocopter UFO

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Introducing the Quadrocopter UFO Induction Flying Saucer with Gesture Remote Control, Experience the thrill of flying like never before with our Quadrocopter UFO Induction Flying Saucer. With gesture remote control, quadrocopter design, induction technology, durable construction, and LED lights, it's the ultimate choice for enthusiasts of all ages.

Product Description

Product information:
Size: S:12X12CM  M:17X17CM

1. Gesture Remote Control: Say goodbye to traditional remote controls! With our innovative gesture remote control technology, you can pilot the UFO with simple hand movements. It's intuitive, fun, and adds a new level of excitement to your flying experience.

2. Quadrocopter Design: Our UFO features a quadrocopter design, incorporating four rotors for stable and agile flight. Whether you're performing tricks or navigating tight spaces, you'll enjoy precise control and smooth flying performance.

3. Induction Technology: Powered by advanced induction technology, our UFO is capable of hovering and flying with ease. Simply turn it on, and it will automatically take off, making it perfect for users of all skill levels.

4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor flying, our UFO features a durable construction that can handle bumps, crashes, and rough landings. It's designed to provide hours of entertainment without compromising on performance or durability.

5. LED Lights: Illuminate the sky with our UFO's vibrant LED lights. Whether you're flying during the day or night, the bright lights add a captivating visual element to your flying experience.

100mAh battery, sensing distance 10-50cm, LED light

Packing list:

Aircraft X1
Blade X2
Screwdriver X1
USB charging cable X1
Watch charging cable X1
500mAh lithium battery X1

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really liked this quadcopter, cool toy!